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Ruse Hack 2.0

Startup Factory and University of Ruse organize a hackathon – a three-day event for people interested in software development, online entrepreneurship, information technology and innovative products. The initiative aims to bring together programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to formulate a concept for software product and to start working on its development. The topic of Ruse Hack … See more


Apply by 20 December to the programme “Fast Track”

Startup Factory announces open window until December 20th 2015 for applications for participating in the programme “Fast Track” – aimed at accelerated development of startup products with business potential. The goal of the programme is continuing the development of projects that have started during the hackathons Ruse Hack, but other projects will be considered also. … See more


Startup Factory organizes a course “Quick start to JavaScript”

Startup Factory organizes a course “Quick start to JavaScript”, which presents the foundations of one of the most popular programming languages ​​widely used in modern times. The course is designed for people with no or minimal programming experience. Except the provided materials during the course, there will be an assignment for a development of personal … See more


Summer courses in programming at Startup Factory

After the success of the first hackathon Ruse Hack 2015, it became evident that the IT sector has the potential to become a driving force for the local economy. To help achieve this vision Startup Factory launches summer free IT courses in Ruse, which will be held in the co-working space. The training will be … See more


Ruse Hack 2015 – the first hackathon in Ruse

The first hackathon organized in the city of Ruse – Ruse Hack 2015 – was held from 29 to 31 May and proved to be success exceeding the expectations in terms of interest, number of participants and quality of the software product developed. The hackathon had the main topic “Application for the citizens and the … See more