Startup Factory


Ivan Pepelov

Ivan Pepelov is a Project Manager in a Concern-System Integrator, in the field of Identity & Access Management, and Provisioning. He has graduated Computer Science at Darmstadt Technical University. He has experience in conducting large projects, analyzing client requirements, and as a team member communicating with clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. As a mentor, he can help in organizing the project, communicating with stakeholders, analyzing project requirements and initial architecture.

Ivan Belchev

Ivan Belchev lives and works for 6 years in Munich, Germany, and has been successfully developing his website and his web design activities. He graduated as a design engineer at University of Ruse and later as a graphic designer in Germany. There are prominent clients standing in his portfolio like Microsoft, Disney, Philips, BMW, Osram and others. He has been working for himself for two years and has been making personal web projects that he has funded through advertisements. He believes that behind a successful project on the Internet is the good idea, a large number of visitors and the correct positioning of the ads in it. As a mentor, Quick Start will help with online advertising and web traffic. More about it can be found on its personal website

Galena Nikolova

Gal is an economist, marketing consultant and Master in Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection. Some have worked with her on one of Bulgaria’s most successful start-ups, and others, partly on specific campaigns, looking for a fresh professional insight into the marketing of the product and organization. She is one of the first professionals in the country to work on an organization to have sustainable development (economic, environmental and social) but also to communicate well to its audience. She finds in every product / project potential for social impact and develops it. She also manages her own start-up project in which she experimented with a provocative business model to solve a serious social and market shortage. As a mentor, she would like to help start-up entrepreneurs and those who lost their muse to be brave and creative, to build their network and get support.

Deyan Mihaylov

Deyan Mihaylov is a Co-founder of software development company for Quantum Computers. He is a Ph.D. in Theoretical and Numerical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge and has a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford. Deyan has many years of experience in programming and web design, but is now more focused on programming C ++, Python and PHP.

I have experience and I would like to give guidance on projects related to on-line and mobile applications as well as projects related to large data analysis.