Startup Factory

Ivaylo Sholekov

Apr 17, 2016 |

Ivaylo is an entrepreneur in the field of web-based applications. Manages several own projects as well as for different companies. After some “failures” in offline, entrepreneurship he is currently focused on the web-based applications.
Ivaylo believes in that technological development will be on rise in Bulgaria and economy will thrive thanks to this technological development in the country. For this reason, he tirelessly works on web-based applications for specialized training in Information and Communication Technologies. Another major factor for technological development of the IT field in the region is the contribution of Startup Factory. Ivaylo is satisfied with good quality tools that can contribute to his success on his projects and well done job. He likes people who do not use expressions like I can’t and that can’t happen (especially if he is going to work with them). More than that, you can find on