Startup Factory

Kaloyan Tsvetkov

Apr 17, 2016 |

Kaloyan Tsvetkov has worked over the last decade on the next generation of one of the most promising e-commerce platforms. His work offers inexhaustible challenges where a cohesive and motivated team grows every year, attracting some of the best and most talented young talents in the city. Along with this, he works on his own software product (which is acquired several years later) and several open-source PHP projects, including the popular Krumo library. The past few years he has been engaged as a WordPress evangelist.

Kaloyan is a lecturer, sponsor and organizer of many seminars and events in the city of Ruse dedicated to information technologies and entrepreneurship. He organized the first meetings of the IT community in Ruse to discuss ideas such as forming an association or a shared workplace in the city. Kaloyan has been involved with Startup Factory since the beginning of the initiative and has been involved in many of the projects and ideas of the NGO.