Startup Factory

Vihren Ganev

Apr 17, 2016 |

Vihren Ganev is a software engineer and a start-up IT entrepreneur. Vihren strives to help people who are thirsty for knowledge of all ages to develop and succeed by conducting programming courses and guiding them to develop their personal projects. Among his most interesting awards are a project of Technostart, a charity and an innovative seminar, third place for the best student company. He is highly motivated and incentivized to continue with events such as Ruse Hack, where students demonstrate in-depth knowledge in IT and entrepreneurship, and more experienced people present quality and ready-to-use projects. Vihren invested effort to brand the Startup Factory as the preferred meeting place for IT people in the city. Here, during the day, work is booming, then courses, meetings, presentations of businesses and IT projects and ideas are held.