Startup Factory organizes the first workshop about blockchain technology in Ruse – the one behind the bitcoins. The lecturer is the software engineer Emil Stoyanov – we are grateful for his initiative and contribution.


Inform key business developers and solution developers about opportunities related to adopting the blockchain technology. Create a conceptual core of ideas around the technology that can be used for inception of valuable real-world projects.


* introduce the potential of the blockchain platforms Ethereum and Hyperledger, use cases, and possible applications.

* focus discussion on inter-business applications such as Financing, Banking, Insurance, Supply Chains, HR, Notary, Public Data, Transport, etc.

* outline current issues in those areas

* propose blockchain-based solutions solving the outlined issues

Presentation Agenda:

* The Blockchain Technology – History and Introduction

* State of the Art

* Trumped Use cases

* Ethereum – the platform and the community

* Hyperledger – big corporations -> big expectations

* Existing Projects

* Wild Ideas

* Discussion


Emil Stoyanov @ Forschung-Direkt

You are free to attend without tickets and invitations. Anyway, you are welcome if you have a real interest in the topic.