Startup Factory and University of Ruse organize a hackathon – a three-day event for people interested in software development, online entrepreneurship, information technology and innovative products. The initiative aims to bring together programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to formulate a concept for software product and to start working on its development.

The topic of Ruse Hack v 2.0 is “An application working with external data”. The goal is development of a prototype of the application (mobile or web) which connects to an external source of data (via RSS, API, scraping, or a web service), extracts data, does some processing and displays the result.

There are no limitations in the technologies, libraries, platforms and programming languages that will be used. The teams should develop a prototype of the product with at least one working functionality or a clear concept for the use with a partially written source code. On the last day of the hackathon the participants will make a demonstration of their applications to the jury.

The second edition of Ruse Hack will pay special attention to students from secondary schools and they will participate in a separate cohort competing with each other. The group of the students will be called Ruse Hack Juniors and is intended for participants aged between 10 and 19 years. The aim of the organizers is to promote information technology in schools and to give additional impetus to adolescents to develop their skills in this area.