Startup Factory organizes a course “Quick start to JavaScript”, which presents the foundations of one of the most popular programming languages ​​widely used in modern times. The course is designed for people with no or minimal programming experience. Except the provided materials during the course, there will be an assignment for a development of personal projects.

The training will take place in Startup Factory office in Royal City Centre, 26 Aleksandrovska str, floor 4, office 9.

The courses will be organized after working hours. Startup Factory is going to provide workspaces and everything necessary for the students – desks, chairs, electricity and internet connection. All participants should use their own laptops, but if not available Startup Factory can provide several laptops

Lecturer: Vihren Ganev, ganev.bg

Duration: 10 workshops in 2 hours = 20 hours total

Start time: 18:30

Lecture №1: Understanding. Introductory lecture. What is JavaScript?

Lecture №2: Fundamentals of JavaScript – variables, functions, cycles

Lecture №3: Procedural Programming

Lecture №4: Object-Oriented Programming, JSON

Lecture №5: Working with DOM, HTML and CSS

Lecture №6: Working with events

Lecture №7: Introduction to jQuery

Lecture №8: Working with jQuery

Lecture №9: Working with libraries. Receive topic of final project

Lecture №10: Introduction NodeJS

Final: Presentation of the project to the public.