NGO Startup Factory utilised ReCheck’s online service for registering documents on blockchain for its recent batch of certificates for successful completion of the course “Web development for beginners“. The training finished in the middle of November 2019 and all participants received a digital copy of their certificate with a timestamp and unique identifier (hash or fingerprint) on blockchain. The documents were electronically signed by the issuer (NGO “Startup Factory”) and can be easily verified at https://docs.recheck.io/.

The unique fingerprints of the certificates on blockchain guarantee the integrity, origin and time of issuing. The holders will be able to share the documents by referencing the created immutable records in decentralised environment. No manipulations are possible since the content is cryptographically protected on blockchain and the interested parties can recheck the authenticity, date and issuing organisation. All certificates carry the electronic signature of NGO Startup Factory as the legal entity that registered and provided the documents.

This increased the level of trust and security of the digital copies of the certificates. As blockchain is an independent arbitrary and notary, securing data on it (with so called time-stamping, hashing or anchoring) prevents any fraud and makes sharing information safe and efficient. The application of this type of technology is especially useful in a complex document workflow when many parties exchange, sign and track documents. Blockchains stores not only the verifiable fingerprints of the data (like DNA of the documents), but also keeps irrefutable digital proofs for all interactions with the data. For example, when documents are received, opened, signed or sent. Such transparency and visibility do not violate the privacy since only authorised parties can access the records to verify them.

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