Membership in Startup Factory

If you share the vision, goals and values ​​of Startup Factory, you have the opportunity to apply for membership in the organization and get involved with its activities.

Part of the benefits we offer to our member companies:

  • Access to talent
  • Forming individual training programs.
  • Using the office space for different purposes.
  • Stimulating the IT sector and community in the region.
  • Promotion through conferences, hangouts and events.
  • Presence in banners, promotional materials and our website.
  • Additional benefits from an international partner network.
  • Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.
  • Participation in special networking events.
  • Contact with highly engaged audience.
  • PR effect through association with established and popular organization in the region.
  • Provide references and membership certificates.
  • Assistance and participation in start-ups.

A detailed description of the value you receive:

  • Access to the talent pool of Startup Factory – participants in hangouts, courses and other initiatives. These are the people qualified as industry experts in terms of technical skills and personal qualities.
  • Consulting, helping to build business relationships within our Startup Factory Network and community. Prerequisites for people with good attendance at courses.
  • Participation in brainstorming sessions, team-buildings and building valuable courses. Providing trainings, lecturers, topics and carefully selected participants from events.
  • Promotion through the communication channels of Startup Factory – social networks, website, mailing lists, newsletters and more.
  • Priority positioning in the office and Startup Factory events – including through promotional materials, branded items, banners, posters, and more.
  • Being around talented people, startup founders and shared workspace for internal presentations, meetings, trainings and events.
  • Sending targeted offers to Startup Factory members and communities, and prioritizing queries and suggestions from other organizations to Startup Factory.
  • Using the co-working space without additional charges after prior reservation.
  • Active involvement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the IT community in Rousse.
  • Opportunity to support and participate in startups with good teams and products with significant commercialization potential.
  • Taking advantage of the entire international network of Startup Factory – participation and implementation of project activities, getting referred to our partners, getting in front of potential clients, advising and supporting when entering in new markets and much more.

All this is included in our membership fee of 40.89€ (80 BGN) per month per person for businesses and 5.11€ (10 BGN) for freelancers. You can get more information about the benefits and value of the Startup Factory membership by emailing us at info@startupfactory.bg.

ICP at Startup Factory in Ruse, Bulgaria

ICP at Startup Factory in Ruse, Bulgaria

The collaboration between ICP and Startup Factory marks the beginning of a promising journey, bridging gaps, fostering community engagement, and paving the way for a more decentralized future.

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