The picturesque city of Ruse, Bulgaria, recently hosted an exhilarating event, the first standalone collaboration between the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) and Startup Factory. The outcome? A riveting confluence of ideas, exchange, and a showcase of potential that the ICP ecosystem holds.

A Full House and Robust Engagement

The atmosphere was one of interest and enthusiasm, the seats were fully occupied, and the discourse was vibrant. With over 50 attendees from across the region, the event hall buzzed with excitement and curiosity about what ICP had to offer. For many, this was an introductory voyage into the world of decentralized computing, and the ICP didn’t disappoint.

ICP at Startup Factory in Ruse, Bulgaria

Impressions and Key Takeaways

The general sentiment among attendees resonated with the unique selling proposition of the ICP: a blend of the best. Attendees felt that ICP harmoniously brings together the stability, standardization, and user-friendliness of centralized platforms with the unmatched freedom, transparency, and robustness of decentralized systems.

The Q&A was particularly engaging.

A recurring topic was the gas price associated with deploying and running applications on ICP. The attendees viewed the developer-centric gas payment system positively, appreciating that it alleviated users from the complexities of maintaining crypto balances or handling direct payments.

ICP at Startup Factory in Ruse, Bulgaria

Additionally, the compatibility of ICP with prevalent standards and protocols garnered attention. Attendees were notably impressed by the ability of ICP to leverage the HTTP protocol and bind smart contracts with actions transmitted through it. The integration of ICP identity with familiar authentication methods on computers and smartphones was also applauded.

Key Insights and the Road Ahead

However, what really captured the imagination of many was the truly decentralized nature of the ICP. Attendees were heartened to learn that ICP isn’t predominantly reliant on nodes hosted in a single country like China. This showcased its global, diversified character.

The standout feature for many was the ICP’s promise of a genuine decentralized global computer. The attendees were captivated by the idea of deploying solutions on the ICP and leaving behind concerns of hosting, maintenance, or the need for centralized components.

In conclusion

This collaboration between ICP and Startup Factory marks the beginning of a promising journey, bridging gaps, fostering community engagement, and paving the way for a more decentralized future.

The article was initially published in Medium.

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