Startup Factory

What is StartupFactory

Startup Factory is a NGO that develops the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the IT community in region Ruse and in Bulgaria. The mission of the organization is supporting early stage startups, building key skills in demand by the market and cultivating the favourable infrastructure and environment for turning ideas into real products with potential for commercialization.
Startup Factory functions as a centre that attracts people sharing common goals, interests and ambitions – managing own business as an expression of personal freedom and responsibility, sharing knowledge, skills and know-how, mutual support in the undertakings and achieving success through creating real value with great products.
Startup Factory carries out activities in the following directions:
  • Managing co-working space;
  • Organizing events and conferences;
  • Carrying out courses and trainings;
  • Supporting early stage startups;
  • Individual mentorship and consulting;
  • Building skills in demand by the market;

We incentivize blockchain startups and we’re proud to be one of the first blockchain oriented startup development program in Bulgaria. Our most prominent member on this category is ReCheck. Our mission behind blockchain is to help to build more decentralized systems and processes and our vision is to be one of the blockchain hub center for startups worldwide.

  • Blockchain know-how
  • Blockchain Developers
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Where to find us

Tsar Kaloyan 10 Str. Ruse 7000 Bulgaria