TEENHACK RUSE 2023 brought together more than 70 students who developed prototypes of software solutions for two days and presented them to a jury and a big audience.

The participating teams came from 4 Bulgarian cities and demonstrated impressive tech skills.

Twenty-three teams presented their projects, which makes TEENHACK the most attended IT competition in Bulgaria (outside Sofia) this year.

Most of the projects were in the field of education (bringing gamification, competition, and interactive learning to fix deficits in the school system), clean environment (platforms for incentivizing the collection of garbage), and financial planning (cost control and encouraging savings).

Some projects had hardware components (pet feeders) or offered solutions for planting trees and greening city areas.

Most teams presented working functionalities and high-quality slides with the user interface of their solutions.

Projects in gaming and mental health impressed the jury with practical and fun approaches to providing well-being for teenagers.

ICP and TeenHack

The winners of TEENHACK impressed the jury with VR toolkits for real estate review and electricity generators from sinks.

The 360-degree image of the winning team offers a full panoramic overview of the properties, facilitating the remote observation of real estate without compromising quality or hiding details.

The 1st place in the competition took a team focused on revolutionizing the education process via interactive training, gamification, and competition.

The team has already introduced its methods to local schools and received positive feedback.

ICP and TeenHack

Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) was a sponsor and partner of TEENHACK RUSE 2023 and provided special awards to the teams with the most promising ideas that have the potential to be deployed on ICP and evolve into decentralized applications.

Emiliyan Enev (contributor to the regional ICP hub and CEO of Startup Factory) was a jury member and gave feedback and advice to the teams.

Six projects received special incentives from ICP – merchandise and vouchers for e-commerce platforms.

Among the recognized solutions are a website for easy finding and contacting sponsors for initiatives with positive impact, a prototype of a system for efficient and transparent distribution of scholarships, an application for learning via unlocking prizes and achievements, and a useful match-making platform for reducing food waste.

This is the biggest IT competition of the year outside of Sofia. Decisions in the fields of education, ecology, gaming and financial planning dominated. I was impressed by the quality of the presentations and the beautiful user interface of the projects.


Emiliyan Enev

ICP and TeenHack

The distinguished prize of ICP was awarded to the “Finance Controller” – an application for planning personal and business finances, monitoring costs and incentivizing responsible consumer behavior.

The team behind the project demonstrated capabilities to integrate digital wallets, crypto payments, and digital asset savings into the solution’s roadmap.

The local ICP hub will continue to support the project and provide dedicated technical and business development consultation and assistance.

ICP and TeenHack

ICP Hub Balkans is the official community hub for the Balkans region, representing the innovative ICP ecosystem. The mission of the hub is to foster a community of tech enthusiasts, developers, and innovators, all united by a shared passion for the decentralized web. The ICP hub aims to provide the local community with the necessary tools to successfully build on the ICP protocol and expand the ICP ecosystem.

Read more: ICP at Startup Factory in Ruse, Bulgaria


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